Medical Loss Prevention Scanners

Medical/ Contraband Scanners and Loss Prevention Detectors

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  • A Fast Return on Investment

    MediScan/ ContraScan Loss Prevention and Contraband Detectors have been developed to lower hospital operating costs and protect the facility from smuggled weapons entering and exiting. Hospital administrators have communicated the need for a method of preventing surgical instruments, tools, sensors and monitoring equipment from being lost during surgical suite cleaning.
    Correctional facility supervisors want to know what is going in and out of the facility trash and laundry bags.
    Expensive re-usable stainless steel implements, often costing hundreds of dollars, are inadvertently discarded during cleaning. At many hospitals, the replacement cost alone exceeds $200,000.00 per year.
    Correctional facilities need to know if weapons are entering or leaving the facility by any method.
    Ranger developed MediScan/ ContraScan to address these needs. It provides a fast, inexpensive method of scanning laundry and other waste bags and is an excellent deterrent against employees who are careless, negligently discard equipment or are attempting to smuggle items into or out of controlled facility premises.
    Accountability can be easily established by issuing trash bags that are tagged.
    MediScan and ContraScan detectors are also used to scan laundry for metal objects. This prevents laundry and machinery from being damaged or destroyed.
    MediScan/ ContraScan also reduces bio-medical waste treatment costs that occurs when processing machinery is damaged or locked-up by tools, or implanted devices discarded during an operation. Averting lock-ups avoids plant down time and expensive decontamination and repair procedures that can cost many thousands of dollars.
Fast and Efficient Detection
Losses are prevented by simply dropping bio-hazardous trash bags through Mediscan's sensor. Operating room laundry is scanned the same way. The screening procedure is fast and easy. Mediscan alarms when a surgical instrument or tool passes through it. A variable sensitivity adjustment and advanced high discrimination microprocessor controlled electronics enable hospital administrators to specify the size and type of objects that must be detected. For example, the most commonly used operating mode detects stainless steel or ferrous objects only. This allows objects such as bull dog clamps to be targeted while ignoring other metal objects such as aluminum sharps pouches and copper electrodes wires, etc. A second control option allows all types of metal to be detected. This operating mode is useful when inspecting laundry.
  • Microprocessor controlled with unique full-surround detection sensor
  • All metal and stainless steel/ferrous discrimination programs
  • Adjustable sensitivity control
  • Operates from a low voltage 110 / 220 VAC wall adapter
  • Dimensions: 34.5 inches (876 mm) high by 30.5 inches (775 mm) in diameter
  • Weight: 50 lb. (22.7 Kg)
MediScan/ ContraScan Features
  • Rapidly scans medical waste bags or laundry as they are dropped through a full-surround sensor.
  • Detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals and has a discrimination mode.
  • Adjustable sensitivity control.