Audio Accessories

Headsets, earpieces and microphones for all radio systems available here. See our extensive line of overt and covert (hidden) surveillance kits from The EE Group. Built to fit all popular 2-way radios, these heavy duty communications accessories are comfortable to wear for long shifts in tough situations.

"The Agent"

"The Shadow"

"The Double Agent"

"The Razor"

"The Samauri"

"The Scorpion"




"The Super Clip"

Lapel Speaker-Mike

Single Earphone




High Noise Environment Headsets




Tactical Headsets

Tactical Headset for HT750/ 1250

Built for law enforcement, surveillance, security and personal protection services, these products are the best the industry has to offer.
Here is why they are built to LAST as long as your favorite radio:

See the dual threaded hold-down thumbscrews? These are the only ones in the industry with this feature. That means they don't pull out of your radio when you turn your head anymore. Note the extra heavy duty cord strain relief, this makes it last longer in heavy wear situations.
Want one or a hundred? The EE Group can provide your facility with the best there is.
Contact us today for a fast quote on these reliable audio accessories on time and on budget.