"Paging is NOT dead!" is our motto; here is how we prove it: The EE Group has the best in paging systems and pagers. Narrowband, voice, digital numeric, alphanumeric and Coaster (hospitality) pagers along with web paging, email paging and two-way paging are available both with wide area service and in-house operation with no airtime charges to you.

Wireless Smoke Detectors
Wireless Smoke Detectors signal via your paging system
Wireless Pushbutton Caller
Pushbuttons call for help by radio paging
Wireless Pendant
Ambulatory Patient Help Pager
IR Room Locator
IR Room Locator
Pull Cord Nurse Call
Wireless Pull Cord Station can be located anywhere
Patron Pager
Coaster/ Patron Paging
Paddle Pager
Paddle Pager
Paddle Pager
ARCT Restaurant/Hospitality paging system.

Synchronize Facility Clocks to GPS with a Paging System

Wireless Smoke Detectors
Analog & digital clocks, hall clocks, and graphic signs all driven by paging.
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Hospitality Paging Systems and Pagers
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The EE Group offers a wide variety of pagers in voice, numeric, alphanumeric and Coaster formats with your choice of colors, custom labels and program capabilities in VHF and UHF. We also offer email 2-way pagers and service as well. Call today for a fast quote for one or a thousand pagers on your frequency, on time and on budget!
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Electronic Display Signs
Activated by your paging system, these wireless display signs are essentially a wall-mounted pager with a large display. Cut the noise pollution in YOUR facility with these bright displays.
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Paging and Messaging Terminals
We offer the top-of-the-line in paging terminals; The Zetron product family including the 640, 2000 and 2700, CommTech Wireless BasePage 2000, and Visiplex products to suit your needs. The flagship units are the MultiMode 2700 Terminal and CommTech BasePAGE. These units are attached to your existing LAN and will do everything from standard voice and digital paging to email and inter-facility networking.
Zetron 2000 Terminal | Zetron 640 Terminal
Paging Data Products
Paging Data Products:
The Paging Data Terminal is a versatile 2000+ capcode receiver that can do a variety of functions.
The Paging Data Receiver works as an alarm system to detect failures in your network and notify you promptly so you can begin analysis quickly.
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